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          About Us



          長森藥業成立于2012年,是由全球知名化學藥物研發專家領銜的創新藥研發公司。公司凝聚了一批在新藥研發頗有成就的研發帶頭人和年輕有為的藥物化學科學家,本著“創新、卓越”的宗旨,致力于自主研發國際領先的,擁有全球知識產權的創新藥產品,滿足臨床未竟需求。公司聚焦抗病毒、腫瘤免疫、自身免疫疾病等領域的原研藥開發與產業化,以免疫學機理和臨床轉化為基礎,構建并發揮自主研發體系優勢,憑借豐富的臨床洞察與成果轉化能力,開展滿足概念驗證(Proof of Concept)熱門靶點的創新藥開發。

          自成立以來,長森藥業已開展多個自主研發的小分子創新藥項目(FIC,first in class),多個產品進入臨床試驗階段,其中兩項臨床研究已進入臨床2期研究階段。核心產品臨床評估指標達到國際領先水平,有希望成為相關領域的重大突破(BIC,best in class)。預計未來三到五年,更多自主研發項目進入后期臨床研究的同時,公司也將邁入產業化和商業化的高速發展階段。 




          Founded in 2012, Longwood Biopharma is an innovative drug discovery company led by world-renowned experts in chemical drug discovery and development. With a team of accomplished R&D experts and young talented medicinal chemistry professionals, the company is dedicated to the independent research and development of world-class innovative drug products with global intellectual property rights to fulfill the unmet clinical needs. The company focuses on the development and industrialization of innovative drugs in the fields of anti-virus, tumor immunity and autoimmune diseases, leveraging the advantages of our well-built R&D system. Based on our rich clinical insights and results translation capabilities, we are developing innovative drugs for the hot targets with proof-of-concept.

          Since its establishment, Longwood Biopharma has carried out several self-developed small molecule innovative drug projects (FIC, first in class), which several products in clinical trials, two of them in clinical study phase 2. With world-class performance in clinical evaluation, our core product are expected to become major breakthroughs in related fields (BIC, best in class). It is expected that in the next three to five years, more self-developed projects will enter late-stage clinical studies while the company will move into a high-speed development stage of industrialization and commercialization. 

          Headquartered in Xinzhuang Industrial Park, Minhang District, Shanghai, the company has an innovative drug R&D center of nearly 4,000m2. The company has qualified as National High-Tech Enterprise, Shanghai Specialized&Sophisticated SME, and has over 40 authorized invention patents.


          Make affordable and accessible drugs for patients
          Make life healthier and better


          Self-developed and international leading
          Fulfilling unmet clinical needs


          Focus on innovation, pursuit of excellence Integrity, honesty, unafraid of pressure






          專注創新 追求卓越
          正直誠信 不畏壓力



          Dr. Zhe WANG

          Founder, Chairman

          Dr. Zhe WANG, the founder of the company, studied under Professor E.J. Corey, a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry at Harvard University.
          With more than 20 years engaged in drug research and development, Dr. Zhe Wang has full experience of leading drug development from project initiation to drug launch.He has profound attainments and outstanding achievements in the field of new drug of anti-infection, anti-virus and anti-cancer.


          Dr. Zhe Wang has a PhD from the University of Tennessee and post-doctoral research experience at Harvard University. He has held positions as R&D project leader and senior scientist at several listed pharmaceutical companies, such as Enanta Pharmaceuticals, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, P&G Pharmaceuticals, etc. He has led the development of more than 5 new drugs in various clinical stages, including ABT-450 (Paritaprevir), VIEKIRA XR, Technivie and ABT-493 (Glecaprevir), all of which have been marketed worldwide.

          He has obtained more than 100 invention patents in the U.S., and many of them have been commercialized and transferred. He has published more than 30 SCI articles and undertaken several national and Shanghai major projects.



          王喆 博士


          公司創始人王喆博士師從哈佛大學諾貝爾化學獎得主 E.J. Corey教授,從事藥物開發研究工作20余年,有領導從立項到藥物上市的完整產業鏈經驗,在抗感染、抗病毒及抗癌新藥研發領域有極深的造詣與卓越成就。.


          王喆博士擁有美國田納西大學博士學位和哈佛大學博士后研究經歷,曾在美國 Enanta Pharmaceuticals、DuPont Pharmaceuticals、P&G Pharmaceuticals等多家美國上市藥企擔任研發項目帶頭人及資深科學家等職位,主持開發了超過5個在不同臨床階段的新藥,其中抗丙肝新藥ABT-450 (Paritaprevir)、 VIEKIRA XR、Technivie及ABT-493 (Glecaprevir)均已在全球上市。












          Honors and Qualifications




          Honors & Qualifications