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          Longwood Biopharma

          Providing competitive and affordable products to fulfill unmet clinical needs.

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          王喆 博士


          王喆博士師從諾貝爾化學獎得主 E.J. Corey教授,從事藥物開發研究工作20余年,有領導從立項到藥物上市的完整產業鏈經驗,在抗感染、抗病毒及抗癌新藥研發領域有極深的造詣與卓越成就。

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          Dr. Zhe WANG

          Founder, chairman

          Dr. Zhe WANG studied under Prof. E.J. Corey, a Nobel laureate in chemistry. 

          With more than 20 years engaged in drug research and development, Dr. Zhe WANG has full experience of leading drug development from project initiation to drug launch. He has profound attainments and outstanding achievements in the field of new drug of anti-infection, anti-virus and anti-cancer.

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          長森藥業聚焦自身免疫疾病、腫瘤免疫治療、抗病毒等領域的創新藥研發與產業化,管線產品臨床評估指標均達到國際領先水平,有望成為相關領域的重大突破(FIC,first in class)。

          長森藥業專注具有自主知識產權及國際領先水平的創新藥物的開發和醫學轉化,通過合作開發、Licensing Out等形式,積極參與國際競爭,解決尚未滿足的臨床需求。

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          Longwood Biopharma is focusing on the development and industrialization of innovative drugs in the fields of autoimmune diseases, tumor immunotherapy and anti-virus. With world-class performance in clinical evaluation, our pipelines are expected to become a major breakthrough in related fields (FIC, first in class).

          Longwood Biopharma focuses on the development and medical translation of world-class innovative drugs with independent IPR, and actively participates in international competition through co-development and licensing-out to address unmet clinical needs.

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          乙肝病毒(HBV)影響著全球許多人,也是導致肝硬化(LC)、肝細胞癌(HCC)的重要原因之一。核苷(酸)類似物(NUCs)主要以口服途徑  ...

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          乙肝病毒(HBV)影響著全球許多人,也是導致肝硬化(LC)、肝細胞癌(HCC)的重要原因之一。核苷(酸)類似物(NUCs)主要以口服途徑  ...

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          Longwood Pharmaceuticals Deeply Committed to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Contributing to the Health of China

          The research and development of LW231, a potential hepatitis B nucleocapsid protein assembly inhibitor, has been awarded a special project for biomedical science and technology support by the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan for 2021.

          Longwood Biopharmaceuticals initiates clinical phase II study of LW402, a next-generation JAK1 inhibitor

          Longwood Biopharmaceuticals announced the initiation of a Phase II clinical study of LW402, a next-generation JAK1 inhibitor. The clinical phase II study will target several autoimmune diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.